Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Northern Areas

The treasures right above us"

“Pictures could never do justice to the beauty of nature” was the only thought that repeated continuously during northern area trip. The photographs cannot capture the unique fragrance, and the spiritual feel of that area. Nature takes over you in the closest feel to magic you can experience all way to Pakistan northern area Refreshing Manshera, Naran. all You heard about it before was how nice the weather is. But the charm was more than just the weather. The hotels had a clear view of the flowing waters and at all times You could hear the sound of water making its way to the other part of the land. The sound of water was as soothing as meditation. Especially at night.
The enchantment didn’t end there. You even more taken away with the extra ordinary beauty of Lake Saif ul Muluk. It is one of the most beautiful places on earth. The water of the lake comes in from all the huge mountains from around it, and in between the bluish green water of lake stands still. There was no latest equipment or luxury of technology but they proved that they don’t have the need of if either. The children and tourists were listening very closely to the mystical story of the lake, and young boys were having fun while snow sliding. The best entertainment I would say was the horse ride that went all around the lake.
You can visit many resorts but the suspension bridge was a whole new level of refreshment. The bridge was on top of heavy flow of water. The wind was more enthusiastic than ever.
The people of the northern area were often heard as extremists but You will found them friendly and practical. They didn’t bother about the clothes we wore or what we did. They kept to themselves and did not make us feel uncomfortable at all.
There were many comments that people said about more establishment of the area but in the end I came to the conclusion that it is a good thing that the roads are not so smooth and easy, for a place like this should be kept away from all the materialistic things of world and stay as raw and natural as it is.


Avalanche from Hunza peak 6200m

Batura Valley , Passu , Gojal

Beautiful Rainbow in Kalam Valley, Swat

Kashmir Jannat Nazeer

Fascinating beauty of Shangrila Resorts with Karakorams in the Background..

This is somewhere close to lower DIR

The Snow walls of Nanga Parbat

Mind blowing Beauty of Passu Valley

Flower laden Ratti Gali Valley


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