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“Jinne Lahore nahi takya , O Jammeya nahi” – This famous Punjabi line is what you will hear from every other Lahori which means that if you haven’t seen or been to Lahore , you are missing something in your life. Lahore is famous for several things i.e. Universities, Recreational Places, Shrines, Markets, Night Life but specially FOOD!
Food Street, best for the desi food as well as barbecue. You need to refresh yourself with Cool S lushes or mouthwatering Shawarma, go straight to Shadman Big M, De-fence "H" Block, Liberty Market or Most famous M.M.Alam Road. Need to experience a good coffee along a soothing ambiance, Coffee tea and company is at your service. Lahore become mixture of modern and traditional cu-sine as well life style
Lahore is not just famous because of their food. People of Lahore are so heartiest and friendly that's why Lahore also known as zinda dilan lahore.true spirits of  Lahori at Wagah Boarder.
Lahore heart of Pakistan is capital of Punjab province .As when we talk about the history of Lahore . There are so many who came and rule over this region ie Mughal's empire ,Sikh's empire, britist's empire.thats why this place absorbed so many culture patterns and specially different languages. Urdu is our national language , writing style similar to Arabic, sounds similar to Hindi. There are so many different language ( Persian, Arabic) words which is using as Urdu.
Famous places of Lahore must see as Lahori or when visiting to Lahore

Anarkali Tomb
Hiran Minar
Jahangir's Tomb
Shai Qilla
Minar E Pakistan
Lahore Museum
Badshai Masjid
Masjid Wazir Khan
Shalimar Garden
Quaid E Azam Musem

A person experience and look over in Lahore:
Living all my life in Qatar, visiting Lahore, Pakistan was rare. Usually people plan that after being done with their high schools or matriculation, they will definitely going to go to US , UK , Canada or any other place for their further studies but I chose Lahore. Yes! I did. This city has one of prestigious institutes in the whole Pakistan and yet in the whole world.
Indeed it was a difficult decision to go far away from my family but it was just their support and my willingness to study and explore a life on my own. And now after spending four years in Lahore, I can say I made a stupendous decision!
My favorite part No one can beat Lahore in terms of food. I still remember that I made a long list of the food places that I had to visit and because of lack of time, I couldn’t even visit half of them. It is just not that Lahore is great at making and serving Pakistani food, even if you get a chance to try any other International Cuisine, our chefs are ON TOP.
There is so much to experience and look over in Lahore that one can write a series over it. But I won’t hesitate saying it that if it was not because of my parents that I had to come back to Qatar, I would have never said Goodbye to my Lahore.


Minar E Pakistan Lahore

The Lahore Museum

  Badshahi Mosque Lahore

 Shahi Qilla Lahore

 Allama Iqbal International Airport Lahore

 A unique view in Bagh-e Jinnah, Lahore

Beautiful view of so called Mall Road Lahore
The Mall Road Lahore from Panorama overhead bridge

 Memories Restaurant M M Alam Road Lahore 

Hardee's Restaurant M M Alam Road Lahore 

Food Street Lahore

A cute view of Liberty Market Lahore


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