Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Murree is the most beautiful hill-station to visit in pakistan northern areas. Its only an hour drive from the capital of pakistan (islamabad). Its height is 7517 feet (2,291 m) above sea level. The scenery of Murree is outclass. Visitors come here from all over the world in almost all the year because Murree is very famous by its Romantic weather. sometimes as its shining, but at sudden it changes in cloudy. Visitors have to wear warm cloths in almost all the season. its view from all sides is superb. Mall Road, Kashmir Point, Pindi Point is its most rushy areas. Mostly people from Rawalpindi  & Islamabad really love to spend their weekends here. Because its easily approachable for them.
In summers there is even no place to book a hotel to live and enjoy the natural beauty of nature. As in the start of summers visitors always try their best to approach it as soon as they can so as a result all hotels and living apartments get full. Sometimes people stay in their cars and enjoy all the night by watching its beauty, Its hotels are so nice and beautiful, Murree is a bit expensive as well Because everyone tries to buy something for his beloved 
Kashmir Point is the Resting point of Murree. Everyone feels relax to be there. Its a bit highly area so one can observe "Kashmir Peaks" all around from there. That's why it is called as "Kashmir Point".
Mall Road is very famous place of Murree. It is always full with visitors. A lots of Hotels and shops are located there. It is actually a market place of Murree. Some visitors love to have food from there, some visitors love to shop from there and some visitors just like to sit on footpaths and enjoy the natural beauty. It is highly recommended point to to visit in Murree.
Pindi Point is also very famous and rushy area of Murree. In-fact the road leads to Pindi Point from Mall  Road is very attractive. its just like as zik zac. Every beautiful scenery is around to watch. At the end or Pindi Point there is a "Chair Lift" for he visitors so that they can enjoy the beauty Murree with Eagle's Eye. My suggestion  for visitors from all over the world is "Do't Miss To Come In Murree Once In Life".


 Murree Mall Road View

 Beauty Of Murree In Winters

Beauty Of Murree In Summers

Murree Chair-Lift


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