Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Karachi is called "The City Of Lights" in the world and "City Of Quaid-e-Azam" in Pakistanis. Its also called the "Bride Of Cities". Its is spread over 3,540km (1,360 sq). Karachi is the capital of province Sindh and the largest city of Pakistan by population of 18.7 millions. Its the premium hub of Pakistan. It is the center of banking,trade and industry, Karachi Provides the business to all over the pakistan. like banking, textile, shipping, auto industry, fashion and entertainment. This city is the main hub of South Higher education, Its Universities and colleges are v famous in all over the world, It provided the most valuable people to the world.
Karachi's location on a bay makes it more prominent. Its the financial point of Pakistan.Gawader port and Bin Qasim Port are one of the largest busiest port of the world. Its the fast growing city of the world.

It was the Capital of Pakistan unless the Construction of Islamabad(Current Capital of Pakistan). People of Karachi are so nice, loving, caring, helping, and understanding. Its roads, markets, parks, colleges, universities and so beautiful. Sea View of Karachi makes it more beautiful and charming. People love to spend their weekends in its parks and sea view. It gives them the mental rest and satisfaction after working whole the week. If Karachi stops whole Pakistan stops.


Beauty Of Karachi At Night
 Mazar-e-Quaid Muhammad Ali Jinah

 World's Beautiful View Of Karachi

 Karachi, The City Of Lights

 Karachi's Beautiful Roads

 The Shining Beauty Of Karachi

One Of the Cutest Market Of Karachi

 A View Of Hill View Park Karachi

 Ishaq Enterprises Tower Karachi

Port Tower Complex

 University Of Karachi

 Jinah International Airport Karachi

Plane Read to Fly At  Jinah International Airport Karachi


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